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New England Living

Boston: 10 Winter Family Fun Ideas

We know it is cold out there but, not aboard our climate controlled luxury yacht!  Check out what New England Living has to say! 







“In New England, winter is the season of wonder: glistening blankets of snow, the twinkling lights of the holidays, and all the magical moments snuggled up, keeping warm with hot cocoa and matching pajama sets. Embrace the delights that the chillier months have to offer. Here are 10 creative ideas for family fun this season:” 

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Exhale Lifestyle

Boston Romantic Valentine’s Date Ideas!

Take a look and see what Exhale Lifestyle has to say about our Boston Valentine’s Day Cruises! 





“Ladies, it’s no surprise to you or I as to who likely runs the show at your house: You. From organizing meals to doing the laundry, to making sure kids and/or live-in parents are cared for, to walking the dog that everyone but you thought was a good idea, to earning a paycheck, the initiative lies with you.”……

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