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Boston Memorial Day Activities

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Boston Memorial Day Activities

Boston Memorial Day ActivitiesBoston Harbor Sightseeing Boat Tour

Celebrate Memorial Day with us and give honor to those that have served this country.  Sail with us into Boston Harbor and cruise by Old North Church, Bunker Hill Monument, USS Cassin Young, and the USS Constitution! 

We have many Boston Memorial Day Activities whether you are a local or visitor.  Step aboard for a Boston Sightseeing Boat Tour  on the luxury yacht Northern Lights or sail with us aboard our 80 foot Schooner, Adirondack III.  Soak in the sun this Memorial Day by getting out on the water and kicking back to relax.   

Whatever you choose you are sure to make this Memorial Day Weekend a memorable one!

So pick from one of our top five Boston Memorial Day Activities and enjoy a boat ride out into Boston Harbor with our most hospitable crew.  

Top Five Boston Memorial Day Weekend Activities:

Boston Brunch Cruise

Boston Harbor Sailing

Boston Live Funk Music

Boston Sunset Cruise

Boston Jazz Cruise

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