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View the tall ships

Classic Harbor Line

View the tall ships

Get front row seats to welcome the world’s most beautiful transportation yachts. These merchant ships, recognized as the skyscrapers of the sea, once densely filled harbors along the coastline. They were today’s equivalent of semi-trucks driving down the road. The ocean was their highway, and the wind was their source of power. Brigantines and full-rigged tall ships would move goods across oceans, seas, gulfs, and bays. Now, a rare opportunity presents itself to locals and visitors of Boston to see 60 tall ships from all over the world convening in one location for four straight days. Join us for one of our uniquely designed events to see these ships aboard our very own tall ship, Schooner Adirondack III, or our motor yacht, Northern Lights. So step aboard and join us to sail through Boston Harbor with a glass of Champagne in hand and the wind in your hair.

Boston Tall Ship Parade

Sail aboard Adirondack III in the parade of tall ships

Bring your camera fully charged and be sure to clear plenty of space on your SD card. One would not want to miss an opportunity to snap photos of this adventure. Tall sailing vessels from all over the world will enter the harbor early on June 17 for a parade around the harbor with theirs sails displayed until mid-afternoon. Sail out and meet our visiting tall ships on the morning of June 17th and join them for the parade. Get space aboard one of Boston’s tall ships, schooner Adirondack III for spectacular photos and narration on the incoming vessels.

  Depart: Rowes Wharf  Boat: Schooner Adirondack III  Cost: $350

Parade of Sail Cruise on Northern Lights

Join the captain and crew of our two-story motor vessel, Northern Lights, for a crowd-free, bird’s eye vantage point, to view the incoming ships under full sail. Bring friends and family and enjoy the view upstairs, under our shaded canopy or below, on the first deck, in our climate controlled interior cabin. There is ample seating on both levels. Breakfast and lunch will be served in our air conditioned cabin, with drinks available for purchase.

  Depart: Rowes Wharf  Boat: Northern Lights  Cost: General Admission: $250

Sail on Adirondack III to view visiting tall ships

Can’t make it to the parade of sail? No worries! Choose our sail and viewing tour aboard the Adirondack III. This excursion with take you on a tour around the harbor past the visiting ships at their berths. During the tour enjoy a glass of wine or an ice cold beer while our captain and crew provide narration on the history of the sailing industry and information on all the ships.  

  Depart: Rowes Wharf  Boat: Schooner Adirondack III  Cost: General Admission: $55

Cruise on Northern Lights to view visiting tall ships

The streets of Boston will be crowded and vessels decks are packed; you will not have time to appreciate all the amazing ships. We suggest you grab a seat on Northern Lights to see and hear about all of the Class A tall ships that are visiting Boston Harbor as well as many Class B’s & C’s. Steer clear of downtown traffic, and get a bird’s eye vantage point above the ships. Grab a glass of wine from the bar and wave to the crowded ships. We are happy to offer the opportunity to locals and visitors alike to sit back, relax, and enjoy these beautiful tall sailing ships in elegance.

  Depart: Rowes Wharf  Boat: Northern Lights  Cost: General Admission: $45


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